A common sense primer on saving yourself from radiation poisoning

The writer of this article recalls two of the archetypes of nuclear poisoning: Chernobyl, and the film, “The China Syndrome.” At CAJ we were students during the Cold War and the possibility of being nuked to death by the Russians, either by way of Moscow or Havana, was permanently etched upon our young minds. At […]

Divesting in America: PIMCO Dumps U.S. Treasury Bonds from Portfolio

15 March 2011

CAJ note: Last week we published the PIMCO information in our post, “It will never be any easier or cheaper to fix this problem than it is right now…”

PJTV Front Page with Allen Barton 3/14/2011

PIMCO [Pacific Investment Management Co.] is the world’s largest bond fund. PIMCO’s Bill Gross recently announced […]