Emerson: ‘We’re embracing Muslim Brotherhood front groups’

Christopher Collins Paulding County Republican Examiner 1/4/2015

On Sunday, Steve Emerson, founder of the Investigator Project on Terrorism (IPT) spoke with Fox News host, Judge Jeanine warning that the West and the United States under the Obama administration is embracing Muslim Brotherhood front groups and appealing to ISIS supporters which is motivating ISIS to fight […]

Street Artist Sabo: Young People ‘Indoctrinated to Be Leftists’

Michael Morris CNS News 12/18/2014

Controversial street artist Sabo, for the first time ever, publicly revealed his face on television on the One American News Networks Rick Amato Show last night.

Sabo, is his work art, or is it another form of vandalism? You be the judge.

Known for his unique and in-your-face pieces, Sabo […]

IS Recruiter: 'We Are Living In A Joy That I Can’t Describe'

Pat_S TammyBruce.com 8/17/2014

This is 40 minute video report by a VICE News reporter embedded with the Islamic State for three weeks. Be aware there are a few (and brief) graphic images–headless corpses (6:27 to 6:39), a crucified man (27:52 – 28:06). Even more chilling is the footage showing the recruitment and indoctrination of children.


Cass Sunstein once again proves to be the most dangerous man in America

Glenn Beck 5/23/2014

Just in case you had forgotten what earned former Obama regulatory czar Cass Sunstein the title of “most dangerous man in America,” Glenn shared the frightening ‘nudge’ topic Sunstein wrote about in his most recent column for Bloomberg View. In an op-ed entitled “Open Brain, Insert Ideology,” Sunstein cites a study of […]

Bill Encourages Schools To Teach About Racial Significance Of Obama’s Presidency

CBS Local News Sacramento 4/25/2014

(AP) — A bill that passed the Assembly with unanimous bipartisan support Thursday encourages California schools to teach students about the racial significance of Barack Obama’s presidency.

The Assembly approved AB1912 with a 71-0 vote and no debate or discussion. It now heads to the state Senate.

The bill by […]

Teachers ‘instructed’ to teach ‘all right wing extremist groups’ are fascist

Grae Stafford The Daily Caller 1/18/2014

Hillsdale professor Terrence Moore, author of “Story Killers: A Common Sense Case Against Common Core,” exposed some of the more distressing aspects of the controversial Common Core education standards program, saying that all teachers must tell young students that all right-wing groups are fascist.

Moore highlights how it is […]