Barack Obama and the High Price of Gas

“We have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, 2008

Barack Obama Comes Out for Even HIGHER Gas Prices Erick Erickson RedState 4/27/2011

I realize Barack Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and was Editor of Harvard Law Review, […]

Peter Schiff on silver, markets, oil, Bernanke and the dollar

Peter Schiff Channel YouTube 4/25/2011

‘Serious manipulation’ of gold, silver markets

Jerome R. Corsi WorldNetDaily 5/16/2010

NEW YORK – A London-based commodities trader claims a major New York bank is conducting serious manipulation of the silver and gold futures markets.

The practice has continued even after federal regulators have been warned of the impropriety, Andrew Maguire, a metals trader at the London Bullion Market Association, told […]