Quote of the day–You say that like it’s a good thing

27 January 2013


You know, when it comes to Egypt, I think, had it not been for the leadership we showed, you might have seen a different outcome there.

~President Barack Obama in a 60 Minutes interview with Steve Kroft




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Blood in the streets of Egypt: Obama is silent

White House downplays Islamist push for power in Egypt

Neil Munro The Daily Caller 12/5/2012

The White House released a short note on Tuesday downplaying rising concerns about the growing power of Islamist theocrats in Egypt.

The White House note instead played up the relatively minor issue of economic trade, even as a pro-democracy riot […]

BRUTAL PHOTO: Protesters in Egypt Slam Obama

Doug Ross Director Blue 12/4/2012

This photo, posted by @Bushpir8, depicts Egyptians who are simply delighted at the Obama-supported “Arab Spring”:



Is the rationale for President Obama’s embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood just a crazy conspiracy theory — or is it so sane that you just blew your mind?

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How Obama Engineered Mideast Radicalization

Obama, Hillary Secretly Helped Bring Islamofascists to Power in Egypt

Investors.com Editorial 7/19/2012

The Obama Record

The Obama Record: After angry Egyptians pelted her motorcade with shoes, chanting “Leave!,” Secretary of State Clinton insisted the U.S. wasn’t there to take sides. Too late.

‘I want to be clear that the United States is not in […]

‘Wouldn’t want to be a Coptic Christian in Egypt today.’

Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Wins Egyptian Presidency

DrewM. Ace of Spades HQ 6/24/2012

So…that’s swell.

Stand by for more.

Egyptians had two bad options and they took one. Of course there’s no Parliament or constitution so the military is still running the show to a very significant degree. Still, it shows the direction the people […]

Mubarak in call to Israel: ‘…the result will be radical Islam…’

Mubarak Slammed Obama During Call With Israel Before Resignation, “He Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About, the Result Will be Radical Islam”

Zip Weasel Zippers 2/12/2011

Sad day when I have a 100% more faith in Hosni Mubarak than the President of the United States.

(Haaretz)- Hosni Mubarak had harsh words for the United States […]