'Everyone thought this would be a January 1981 moment'

Taliban prisoner swap was ILLEGAL claims GOP as former federal prosecutor says it could lead to Obama’s impeachment

The president ignored a law – which he signed last year – requiring him to notify Congress 30 days before releasing anyone from Guantanamo Bay The Obama administration never told Capitol Hill until after Bergdahl was in […]

Glenn Beck’s keynote speech at the NRA’s Annual Meeting

NRA 5/4/2013

Radio host Glenn Beck speaks at the NRA Stand and Fight Rally, an event of the 2013 NRA Annual Meetings in Houston, Texas. In his highly-anticipated keynote speech, Beck conveys his message through stories often ignored by the mainstream media of law-abiding citizens defending themselves with firearms, and the cold, hard facts about […]

Five Presidents convene for today’s dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library

25 April 2013

Bill Clinton: I like President Bush

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President George W. Bush Speaks at his Presidential Center Dedication

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Obama Bashes GOP on Immigration at Bush Library Address

At the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, President Obama and former President Clinton took to the podium […]

Pat Caddell Exposes Anti-Fox News Author’s ‘Lazy,’ ‘Clueless’ Reporting

Celia Begelow Breitbart.com Big Journalism 1 Apr 2013

Fox News Contributor and Democratic pollster Pat Caddell wrote a scathing editorial over the weekend exposing Gabriel Sherman, author of a forthcoming hatchet-job biography smearing Roger Ailes and Fox News, for “lazy” and “inaccurate” reporting.

At one point, Caddell even accuses Sherman of being too “obtuse” to […]

New study confirms economy was destroyed by Democrat policies

Robert Moon Conservative Examiner 12/21/2012

A new study from the widely respected National Bureau of Economic Research released this week has confirmed beyond question that the left’s race-baiting attacks on the housing market (the Community Reinvestment Act–enacted under Carter, made shockingly more aggressive under Clinton) is directly responsible for imploding the housing market and destroying […]

Thirty-two years ago today...

Luis Gonzalez Babalú Blog 11/4/2012

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And to understand what this is all about you’ll have to read the article at Babalú Blog!

Update: Former Iranian Hostage: Obama Showing Same Ambivalent Foreign Policy as Jimmy Carter (Video)