FCC’s slow pace on Internet rules puzzles some

Internet rules not likely to take effect until fall Some wonder if FCC intentionally delaying FCC says Paperwork Reduction Act slowing process

Jasmin Melvin Reuters 6/9/2011

WASHINGTON, June 9 (Reuters) – The U.S. communications regulator has been oddly slow in unleashing new powers to police the Internet, six months after finalizing the controversial rules.


Virtual Money, Ugly Reality

Jim Mahoney American Thinker 6/7/2011

…To those of us who lived through it, the seventies made for a confusing and angry time. Every trip to the store was an adventure. Price labels grew on everything like barnacles. Peeling them back meant exploring an infuriating history of ever-increasing prices.

Politicians at every level seized the opportunity […]

This is What Obamacare Looks Like

John Stossel Fox Business 6/8/2010

The Wall Street Journal reports this week on a threatening letter sent by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to insurance companies, regarding their upcoming bids for Medicare Advantage plans. (Medicare Advantage pays private insurers a set amount and typically the patient pays an additional premium.)

[Sebelius] warned the […]

ObamaCare to Doctors: Accept our prices or face jail

“Darleen Click” Protein Wisdom 6/6/2010

…and don’t you DARE even have lunch with your peers to “talk shop”, ’cause we will charge you with conspiracy.

As I’ve long suspected, “health care reform” has emboldened the Justice Department to take a more active role in enforcing government price controls against physicians. Today the Antitrust Division, joined […]