Trey Gowdy's warning to Democrats: ' careful what you do with the law today...'

Gowdy Opening Statement at Hearing on Immigration Executive Actions

Tgowdysc YouTube 2/25/2015

Immigration Subcommittee Chairman Trey Gowdy Opening Statement at House Judiciary Committee Hearing “The Unconstitutionality of Obama’s Executive Actions on Immigration”

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…He’s authored […]

Head Fake? Obama Never Signed Amnesty Order

National Archives official confirms shocker – no such filing exists

Jerome R. Corsi WorldNetDaily 12/4/2014

It’s common knowledge President Obama signed an executive order directing the Department of Homeland Security to forgive millions of illegal aliens for their past violations of immigration law, right?


Today the National Archives and Records Administration, responsible for such […]

Rep. Gowdy talks Presidential Overreach with Rick Santelli

Tgowdysc YouTube 12/12/2013

Rep. Gowdy discusses Presidential power and prosecutorial discretion with Rick Santelli on CNBC.

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Update: SC congressman introduces resolution to sue Obama over executive overreach

A South Carolina Congressman wants […]