Lindsey Graham Gives Away the Game

Erick Erickson RedState 12/22/2010

There has been a lot of speculation this week about why the GOP rolled over in the Senate on virtually every issue. From Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’s repeal to START to you name it — the GOP became the party of capitulation. So much so that even Lindsey Graham is blasting […]

Sarah Palin: ‘This is Our Morning in America’

Sarah Palin Releases Post-Election Ad: “New Morning” (Video)

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 11/4/2010

Sarah Palin released a post-election ad today featuring several winners from Tuesday’s election including: Allen West, Nikki Haley, Sean Duffy, Renee Elmers, Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Kelly Ayotte and tea party patriots.

The whole post is at GatewayPundit.


A fortuitous head-stomping lifts lefty hearts

Finally some good news for Democrats.

A fortuitous head-stomping lifts lefty hearts.

Althouse 10/26/2010

ADDED: I’m trying to understand the scope of the political theater depicted in the video and reported here. The woman, a employee, came to the debate to create a scene, we’re told, by presenting a joke “award” to Ron Paul. […]

Rand Paul Takes On the 14th Amendment!

American Power Blog 5/28/2010

For a guy who says he’s an unequivocal backer of equal protection of the laws, you’d think Rand Paul might be a bit more, let’s say, careful in avoiding another big fight on civil rights issues. The 14th Amendment is the Holy Grail of the U.S. civil rights regime, and within […]