Van Jones Mocks ‘America The Beautiful’ Song

Daniel Noe The Western Center for Journalism 6/22/2012

Mr. Jones thinks that singing “America The Beautiful” is “cheap patriotism” unless you are an environmentalist. Good grief.

Is Van Jones Building an Economic Movement ?

“You go the the laundromat, you go to a sports bar, you go to a house of worship, ask people what the number one concern is. The economy, jobs, economic issues. And we don’t have anything to ask them to join.”

Has Van Jones Tipped His Hand on His Next Big Step to […]

Van Jones: Republicans Want to Kill Children; We Need to Challenge Them on Their Sanity

Joe Schoffstall MRCTV 4/26/2012

On April 19, 2012, President Obama’s former Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones, appeared on the YouTube based show The Point and delivered a message saying Republicans who attack the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) want to kill children and their sanity must be challenged.

Jones says, “Anybody who says they are willing […]

Van Jones: We have to re-elect Obama to ‘stop the tea party’

Nicholas Ballasy The Daily Caller 4/20/2012

Former Obama administration adviser Van Jones said the country should re-elect President Barack Obama to “stop the tea party” because former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney would “govern as a tea party president.”

Jones also said that some of Obama’s supporters misunderstood Obama as a “social movement leader” after his […]

Van Jones: Blacks Will Vote En Masse for Obama Even if He Declares Himself Homosexual

Dave Blount Moonbattery 4/3/2012

Avowed communist and “rowdy black nationalist” Van Jones, the Green Jobs Czar who spent $60 billion of our money creating exactly zero green jobs, was forced out of the Obama Regime when Glenn Beck publicized his extreme radicalism. But he still helps out the Manchurian Moonbat when he can, as with […]

Van Jones: Scalia Wants to Let People Die Breitbart TV 3/31/2012

Appearing on HBO’s Bill Maher Show Obama’s former green job czar Van Jones attacks Supreme Court Justice Scalia over his questioning in the Obamacare SCOTUS arguments.

Go to Breitbart TV to see the video.

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H/T Pat […]