Did Eric Holder lie in Congressional testimony last week?

Ed Morrissey Hot Air 5/24/2013

That’s the question asked by Katie Pavlich and Jim Hoft after the revelation that Attorney General Eric Holder personally approved the application for a warrant on Fox News’ James Rosen as a potential co-conspirator in espionage. Last week, under relatively friendly questioning from Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) about the Department […]

Bloomberg: NRA Dying, Americans Want More Gun Control

Awr Hawkins Breitbart.com Big Government 30 Nov 2012

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his infamous “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” have struck again—this time with a conference call where he proclaimed the recent presidential elections “proved” the NRA is dying and the American people want more gun control.

Did Bloomberg miss the Black Friday sales of […]

Police incident report fills in details on Trayvon Martin shooting

David Martosko The Daily Caller 3/27/2012

A three-page police report contains new details about the shooting death of Sanford, Fla. teenager Trayvon Martin.

It discloses that George Zimmerman, who shot Martin on Feb. 26, was in custody on the scene and told police that he had tried, in vain, to find someone to help him […]