National Concealed Carry Bill Passes House But Constitutionality, Privacy Issues Exist

National Concealed Carry Bill Passes House 272-154

Stearns-Shuler legislation would force states to recognize each other’s permits.

Neil W. McCabe Human Events 11/16/2011

A bill promising the most significant expansion of national gun rights since the current gun control regime began with the Handgun Control Act of 1968, passed the House 272 to 154 November […]

Saturday’s ‘Kill the bill’ rally update via Americans for Prosperity

Updated with video 3/21/2010 4:45 pm

Email from Tim Phillips, Americans for Prosperity 3/21/2010

Today, over 30,000 grassroots Americans – folks just like you – descended on the Capitol for one final rally before the expected House vote tomorrow (Sunday). You would have been proud. CLICK HERE to see photos.

One lady told me […]