Overturning petition ruling Judge puts John Conyers on primary ballot

Associated Press via The Washington Examiner 5/23/2014

A judge on Friday ordered U.S. Rep. John Conyers to be placed on the August primary ballot, overturning a decision by Michigan election officials who found the Detroit Democrat ineligible because of problems with his nominating petitions.

Many petitions were thrown out because the people who gathered signatures […]

Clerk says Conyers won’t qualify for ballot

Aaron Blake The Washington Post 5/2/2014

Update 3:01 p.m.: Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett now says Conyers doesn’t have the required signatures to make the Aug. 5 ballot. That is not, however, the final decision on the matter. That will come Wednesday.

Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), who stands to become the longest-serving member of Congress […]

House Passes ‘Enforce the Law’ Act

Bill pushes back against Obama’s ‘imperial presidency’

Elizabeth Harrington The Washington Free Beacon 3/12/2014

The House of Representatives passed the “Enforce the Law Act” Wednesday, a bill designed to push back against the numerous unilateral moves the Obama administration has used to circumvent the law.

Five Democrats joined Republicans in passing the bill by a […]

Sheila Jackson Lee: Writing executive orders for Obama to sign ‘our number one agenda’

Patrick Howley The Daily Caller 2/4/2014

Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said that the new Congressional Full Employment Caucus will “give President Obama a number of executive orders that he can sign.”

Jackson Lee added that writing up executive orders “should be our number one agenda.”…

…The Full Employment Caucus, a new job-oriented working group, […]

What Did You Do During the War on Terror, Daddy?

Reps. Justin Amash and John Conyers tried to protect the Constitution. Barack Obama, not so much.

Nick Gillespie Reason Magazine 7/27/2013

This is what bipartisanship looks like—and it looks pretty damn fresh.

Yesterday, a bill co-sponsored by Reps. Justin Amash (R-MI) and John Conyers (D-MI) that would have brought NSA domestic surveillance of U.S. citizens […]

Rep. Steve King: D.C. Office ‘Invaded’ by ‘Illegal Aliens’

20 brazen self professed illegal aliens have just invaded my DC office. Obama’s lawless order gives them de facto immunity from U.S. law.

— Steve King (@SteveKingIA) June 13, 2013



Breitbart News 13 Jun 2013

Rep. Steve King has told Breitbart News that illegal immigrants attempted to take over his Washington, DC office […]