Holder may be holding on to private emails about Fast and Furious

Matthew Boyle The Daily Caller 12/12/2011

A largely overlooked exchange from Thursday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing includes what appears to be an admission from Attorney General Eric Holder that emails to and from him about Operation Fast and Furious may exist, and that he’s refusing to provide them to Congress.

The possibility was first addressed […]

Holder Says Definition of ‘Lying’ to Congress Depends On ‘State Of Mind’

goprapidresponse YouTube 12/8/2011

AG Eric Holder attempts to avoid question about lying to Congress, saying that lying depends on one’s state of mind.

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Update: More Video From Holder Hearing: The Mitchell/McCarthy Exchange

A dismissive AG […]

Bill Harming Online Privacy Moving Through Congress

Nicole Ozer Technology and Civil Liberties Policy Director ACLU of Northern California 7/27/2011

Today, the House Judiciary Committee is voting whether to approve legislation that would create a sweeping new provision requiring Internet companies (email, cloud, social networking, and more) to collect and retain hundreds of millions of records about the identity of online users. […]