White House Ebola Czar Was ‘Key Player’ In Solyndra Scandal

Alex Griswold The Daily Caller 10/17/2014

Ron Klain, the newly appointed White House Ebola response coordinator, was one of the senior White House officials who advised that President Obama should visit solar power company Solyndra in 2011, despite an auditor raising red flags about the company’s finances.

According to The Washington Post, Klain was one […]

Boehner’s Irony

Daniel Horowitz RedState 11/20/2012

For those of us who thought that John Boehner was weak and flaccid in the face of adversity, we might consider rethinking our estimation of him. The Hill has a very informative article out today detailing all of Boehner’s recent power grabs and scorched-earth maneuvering in order to crush conservative opposition […]

Report: GOP might keep parts of ObamaCare if law is struck down

Allahpundit HotAir.com 5/16/2012

The sourcing on this one is awfully thin, which raises two possibilities. One: The details are exaggerated or outright made up to try to start a firestorm among ObamaCare-hating conservatives. Two: The details are spot-on and are being deliberately leaked to see how ObamaCare-hating conservatives react. Can some parts of this thing […]

Dr. Donald Berwick testified before House Ways and Means Committee today

Rep. Tom Price, M.D., on Don Berwick’s Hearing Today

Ben Domenech RedState 2/10/2011

…This line of questioning led to a side-by-side moment that is really made for TV — Berwick today saying: “I abhor rationing. My entire life has been spent fighting rationing.”

Compare that to a quote from Berwick in 2009: “The decision […]

A Tale of Budget Cowardice…and Courage

“We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.”

–Thomas Jefferson

“It is time to check and reverse the growth of government, which shows signs of having grown beyond the consent of the governed.”

–President Ronald Reagan

Erick Erickson RedState.com 6/22/2010

So the Democrats have […]

PolitiFact: Price says Obama and his aides have said Republicans have ‘no ideas’ on health care

“Mr. President, multiple times from your administration there have come statements that Republicans have no ideas and no solutions” on health care.” —Tom Price, January 29, 2010 in a Republican retreat in Baltimore.

PolitiFact.com St. Petersburg Times January 29, 2010

During an exchange with President Barack Obama at a Republican retreat in Baltimore, Rep. Tom […]