The RGA’s All-Out Sales Pitch for a Pence Gubernatorial Bid

Jim Geraghty National Review Online 1/27/2011

Well, this explains a bit: I’m told that Mike Pence was the first candidate recruitment call that Texas Gov. Rick Perry made as chairman of the Republican Governors Association, and that RGA Vice Chairman Bob McDonnell and Executive Director Phil Cox had a follow-up meeting with Pence yesterday in […]

29 July 2010

14 Weeks from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

H/T American Power blog.

Remember November

Allahpundit 4/23/2010

A dynamite little piece of expressionism from Haley Barbour and the Republican Governors Association, aimed at synthesizing the mood of angry grassroots would-be donors. The message is familiar, but between the HD, the F/X, and the editing, the production values are light years ahead of the usual DNC/RNC crap. If they’re looking […]