‘The Spine of a Worm, the Ethics of Whores and the Integrity of Pirates’

Read Glenn Beck’s Brutal Open Letter to Karl Rove and the GOP

Zach Noble The Blaze 3/21/2015

Think Glenn Beck will take criticism from Karl Rove lying down?

Think again.

Beck made waves through the media when he declared, “I’m out [of the Republican Party]” on Wednesday, prompting GOP strategist Rove to offer a dismissive […]

Former US Senator Edward W. Brooke dies at 95

Mark Feeney The Boston Globe 1/3/2015

Edward W. Brooke, the Massachusetts Republican who was the first African-American to be elected to the US Senate since Reconstruction, died today, according to Kirsten Hughes, chairwoman of the Massachusetts Republican Party. He was 95.

Mr. Brooke served in the Senate from 1967-1979. Elected attorney general in 1962 and […]

Rangel: Southern GOP Still Believes In Slavery, ‘Racial Superiority’

Alex Griswold The Daily Caller 11/5/2014

The day after the 2014 election, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel whether he wanted to walk back his comments that the GOP “doesn’t believe slavery is over.”

To Blitzer’s shock, Rangel doubled down, accusing Southern Republicans of supporting slavery and believing in racial superiority…




Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity Talk ‘Progressive Republicans’ and the Big Ideas That Could Save the Country

Jason Howerton The Blaze 12/2/2013

Glenn Beck joined Sean Hannity on his TV program Monday night to discuss the current state of the establishment GOP, which both agreed is hostile to Tea Party conservatives like Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.). The former co-workers also talked about a few solutions […]

McAuliffe & Obama Hold Rally in Virginia… Tea Party Breaks Out

Jim Hoft The Gateway Pundit 11/3/2013

…Obama lied. Your insurance died. Your Doc is gone. What more could go wrong??? Terry McCauliffe could be governor.

A nice crowd turned out for the rally…

– –

The complete article is at The Gateway Pundit.


CAJ note: The video was posted by YouTube subscriber Lowell Feld […]

Brit Hume: The Tea Party Forced a Major Fight on the Budget and ObamaCare Precisely Because The Establishment Didn't

Ace Ace of Spades HQ 10/16/2013

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Can’t argue with any of this.

As you know, I go back and forth between siding with the Tea Party and the Establishment. Ask me three times in a week, and you might get three different answers.

But while I do think the Tea Party is […]