Republican Establishment Took Part in Reprehensible Reverse Operation Chaos in Mississippi

Rush Limbaugh The Rush Limbaugh Show 6/25/2014

RUSH: Mississippi. The Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel runoff election. It was Operation Chaos in reverse. The Republican establishment sought victory via Democrat voters in the runoff, and they got them. It has been analyzed and it is now practically ontologically certain that without the African-American vote from […]

Tea party favorite topples Lugar, Indiana’s 6-term senator

The Washington Times 5/8/2012

Tea-party-backed candidate Richard Mourdock defeated longtime Sen. Richard G. Lugar in the Indiana GOP primary Tuesday, ending the career of one of the chamber’s two senior Republicans and giving Democrats a better chance at capturing the seat in November.

The race was widely seen as a key test of tea party […]

If you can’t win, cheat–or–how Obama can be re-elected

Some Michigan backers of President Barack Obama to vote for GOP candidates

Kathleen Gray Detroit Free Press 2/27/2012

Ernest Johnson expects to wear an Obama T-shirt to the polls Tuesday, but he’ll vote for Republican Ron Paul.

He’s calling on supporters of President Barack Obama to make mischief in Tuesday’s presidential primary by selecting Paul, […]

Mitch Daniels not running for President

Phillip Klein Washington Examiner 5/22/2011

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels has told supporters that he is not running for president, citing the wishes of his family.

Politico reports that in a midnight email to his supporters, Daniels wrote:

“The counsel and encouragement I received from important citizens like you caused me to think very deeply about […]

Alaska Election Officials Respond To Miller’s Vote Tampering Allegations

DrewM. Ace of Spades HQ 8/31/2010

Earlier today the Miller campaign released a letter alleging that a Murkowski election observer had access to the state’s voter computer system and could have had access to voter information but more importantly the ability to tamper with the vote totals.

The state has now responded to the Miller […]

Quote of the day

H/T Althouse

Washington Post 5/9/2010

“This is a symbol that the tea party movement and the broader limited-government agenda is huge,” said Brendan Steinhauser, grass-roots director for the national tea party organization FreedomWorks, which set up a booth at the convention to herald [Utah Sen. Robert F.] Bennett’s defeat. “It’s the center of American politics. […]