Congress approves plan to allow pension cuts

Money Moves CNN Money 12/12/2014

More than a million retired and current truck drivers, construction workers and other union workers could see their pension benefits cut now that Congress passed a proposal aimed at shoring up some of the nation’s biggest pensions.

Tacked on as an amendment to the government’s $1.1 trillion spending bill, the […]

Chicago union bosses raking in millions from city pension fund

Jazz Shaw 9/21/2011

In case any of you were having too nice of a day, here’s something sure to get your heart rate worked up toward the red zone. Out in the Windy City (where else?) we find a heartwarming tale of hard working union bosses scraping by in their golden years with a […]

State Finance Directors Warn of More Trouble Ahead

By SARA MURRAY Wall Street Journal November 13, 2009

Michigan and California are likely to face a fresh round of budget woes when federal stimulus funds used as a fiscal crutch dry up, finance directors for the states said Friday.

Short-term budget gaps have battered states as revenues plummeted during the recession. Aided by about […]