Chris Matthews: Sometimes I get the feeling that Democrats don’t want to enforce the border

Allahpundit 12/28/2010

Via Mediaite. Yesterday he demanded to see Obama’s birth certificate, today he’s punching hippies for being weak on immigration. Tomorrow he’ll be wearing a Gadsden flag t-shirt and doing segments on the Tenth Amendment. His assimilation is almost complete, my friends.

What he’s actually doing here, whether he means to or not, […]

How the nanny president sees himself–and us

Kyle Smith New York Post 11/27/2010

What’s it like inside the Obama White House? A lot like what you’d guess from outside the Obama White House.

In “Revival: The Struggle for Survival Inside Obama’s White House,” MSNBC analyst Richard Wolffe, a writer sympathetic to the president, reports the prosaic backroom details of the White House […]