Obamacare Is a Mean Law

Rush Limbaugh The Rush Limbaugh Show 7//7/2015

RUSH: Wait until you hear this next story. It is from Forbes. Here’s the headline: “Small Businesses Threatened with $36,500 IRS Fines For Helping Employees with Health Costs.” This was not and is not part of Obamacare. The IRS just created this, and that’s one of the problems […]

‘The Left…They Want a Powerful State…Well, Here It Is’

Rush Limbaugh Blames Eric Garner’s Death on ‘Tax Collection’

Zach Noble The Blaze 12/7/2014

As Ben Franklin is said to have quipped, two things in life are certain: death and taxes.

Sometimes, those two certainties are intertwined.

On Sunday morning, Rush Limbaugh appeared on “Fox News Sunday” to offer his take on the much-discussed issues […]

Pat Caddell Says Establishment Republicans 'Want the IRS to Go After' the Tea Party

Michael Patrick Leahy Breitbart.com Big Government 17 Feb 2014

The civil war between the Tea Party and the GOP Establishment has been brutal. But could it be the reason congressional Republicans aren’t putting the heat on President Obama for the IRS scandal?

Democratic pollster Pat Caddell thinks so, and radio host Rush Limbaugh said it’s […]

Beck + Hannity + Levin

Glenn explains how he reconnected with Mark Levin and Sean Hannity

Glenn Beck 1/30/2014

While talk radio hosts have always been cordial to each other, they’ve also been fiercely competitive in a quest to become as successful as possible. Given the dire state of the nation, however, some of that competition has faded, and conservative […]

Laura Ingraham Hammers GOP Congressman for Selling Out American Middle Class on Immigration

Breitbart.com Breitbart.TV 30 Jan 2014

On her Thursday radio show, conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham castigated Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) for his support of any immigration reform measure that would expand the labor pool and depress middle class wages instead of allowing the market forces to operate under the current immigration laws…




White House rejects review board finding that NSA data sweep is illegal

FoxNews.com 1/23/2014

The White House on Thursday disputed the findings of an independent review board that said the National Security Agency’s mass data collection program is illegal and should be ended, indicating the administration would not be taking that advice.

“We simply disagree with the board’s analysis on the legality of the program,” White House […]