Delta Smelt & Undocumented Farm Workers: How Federal Policy Is Failing CA’s Central Valley

ReasonTV 1/12/2011

California’s Central Valley is a 450 mile long stretch of flat and fertile land that produces much of the food that we enjoy every day. But the people in small towns like Mendota (the cantaloupe capital of the world) are suffering these days, in part due to two federal policies.

In order to […]

Judge restores California water pumping limits to protect threatened fish

Associated Press/Washington Examiner 2/10/2010

FRESNO, CALIF. — A federal judge in California has turned down an emergency request by farmers to permanently lift water pumping restrictions in California’s delta, saying limits are needed to protect endangered fish.

The ruling Wednesday came after U.S. District Judge Oliver Wanger temporarily lifted the limits last week in the […]