They’re Going There Buddy – Bill To Cut Off Eric Holder’s Pay in House

Rick Wells GOP the Daily Dose 15 April 2014

It will be interesting to see what kind of tough talk comes out of the mouth of Eric Holder now. The “don’t go there buddy” attorney general claims that it bothered him to be the only attorney general in the history of the United States to […]

Rep. Moran: Members Can't Afford to Live Decently in DC, are 'underpaid'

Hannah Hess Roll Call 4/3/2014

Despite what constituents outside of Washington might think, members of Congress are underpaid, a House Legislative Branch appropriator suggested Thursday.

Virginia Democrat James P. Moran said he plans to highlight the injustice by introducing an amendment to the Legislative Branch bill during its full committee markup, and at floor consideration […]

PRUDEN: The cheap tricks of the game

Wesley Pruden The Washington Times 10/3/2013

…The Republicans, fighting with smaller-bore weaponry, keep trying to get some things reopened with carefully targeted legislation. The Senate, under the thumbs of Sen. Harry Reid and the White House, refuses to budge from the trivial and the petty. It says here that Harry Reid’s critics, and they are […]

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign revises pay from TARP panel

Scott Wong & John Bresnahan Politico 9/23/2011

The campaign for Democratic Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren said Friday she had been paid $192,722 for serving as chairman of a congressional committee that monitored the 2008 federal bank bailout, three times as much as had originally been acknowledged.

The Warren campaign revised the figure following a POLITICO […]