Let’s set aside the ‘obviously insane’ conclusion for now [Fritzworth]

OpenBlogger Ace of Spades HQ 7/21/2012

One would think we have learned nothing from the 20th century.

Among the various news reports and statements by officials today, in the wake of the Aurora shootings, is a constant refrain that the shooter himself, James Holmes, is obviously insane, deranged, or otherwise non compos mentis — indeed, […]

Britain’s Free-Speech Problem

We should be careful before we play fast and loose with our constitution.

By Suneal Bedi & William C. Marra National Review Online 1/25/2012

Imagine if New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady were accused of hurling a racist remark at an opponent during an NFL game. Public condemnation would be swift, but it would be […]

Amnesty International seeks George W. Bush’s arrest

Tim Mak Politico 10/12/2011

The human rights group Amnesty International called on Canadian authorities Wednesday to arrest former President George W. Bush when he attends an economic summit in the province of British Columbia next week.

The group accused Bush of “responsibility for crimes under international law including torture.”

Amnesty International asked that Canada either […]

Sunday Open Thread: Fatwa Edition

by Publius BigGovernment.com 2/14/2010

Today, in 1989, Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa on Salman Rushdie, encouraging Muslims to kill the author, because he wrote a book. (Also today, Al Capone delivered his own fatwa on the North Side Irish gang of Bugs Moran.)

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Salman Rushdie holding a copy […]