‘A black person can never be the oppressor’

Black Cop Kills White Man, Media Hide Race

Joe Kovacs WorldNetDaily 8/20/2014

While national news media continue to focus on race in Ferguson, Missouri, where a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, they apparently don’t think a similar case in Utah with the races reversed is that newsworthy.

Police in Salt […]

The Tea Party Strikes Back

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 11/2/2013

David Kirkham — who had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago but hasn’t let that slow him down much — writes: “We are holding an ‘I Like Mike’ rally today in Salt Lake City to counter the media narrative about Senator Lee that ‘his canadian pharmacy viagra constituents don’t […]

‘We can no longer afford to listen to the voices shaming and blaming America’

Beck’s passionate Independence Day message

Glenn Beck The Blaze 7/4/2013

…On Saturday, we are staging our very first Independence Day event, “Man in the Moon.” We designed this program as a vehicle to undo the decades of harm progressives have done to American history and the meaning of being American. Life, liberty, and the pursuit […]

Beck announces three ‘American Dream Lab’ locations across the globe

Glenn Beck 1/7/2013

All this week on TheBlaze TV, Glenn will be outlining his vision for 2013 and the role that The American Dream Labs will play this year and in the years to come. While Glenn has teased the American Dream Labs in the past, this week will mark the first time he takes […]

CNN: Two “active” Obama supporters at Bain confirm Romney left in 1999

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 7/13/2012

CNN reported last night that the accusations from Team Obama of felonious conduct are sheer nonsense and lies — and got that message from four executives at Bain, two of whom are “active” supporters of Barack Obama. John King spoke to all four, three of whom are Democrats, and all four […]