It’s Happening In Real Time. Pay Attention.

Is This Blog On? 2/18/2014

It’s time to pay attention, liberals, because the downfall is happening in real time. No need to crack a book to learn history’s lessons of the end run of socialism. Just turn your eyes to Venezuela.

Think of not being able to buy soap, rice or toilet paper or order […]

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dies of cancer at 58; ‘Chavistas’ mourn dictator

Guy Taylor The Washington Times 3/5/2013

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who led a socialist revolution in the heart of Latin America and garnered global notoriety for allying with Iran and railing angrily and often against the United States, died Tuesday after losing his battle against cancer. He was 58.

Supporters of Mr. Chavez accused his […]

Here comes the Alinskyite Right

Thomas Lifson American Thinker 12/27/2012

David Gregory and Piers Morgan have both met the Alinskyite Right, and progressives in positions of power should take note. Both men are the targets of digital petition drives aimed at holding them to their own standards, and ridiculing them, invoking Rules 4 and 5 from Rules for Radicals:

4. […]

Czechs Want to Ban Communist Party

JammieWearingFool 7/29/2011

If they’re successful, perhaps we can move to ban the Democrat Party. Why? They have so much in common.

The party, which is vehemently opposed to NATO, brands opponents “terrorists” and maintains friendly ties with the ruling Communists in Cuba, China and North Korea.


The article continues, with video, at JammieWearingFool.

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White Sox Manager to Actor: Love Hugo Chavez? Move…

Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen To Marxist Actor Sean Penn: If You Love Hugo Chavez So Much, “Please Move To Venezuela”…

Zip Weasel Zippers 6/8/2011

He’s way too much of a hypocrite.

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See: Leftist Actor Sean Penn Defends Fellow Marxist Hugo Chavez, Calls On […]

Sean Penn Hopes His Critics ‘Die Screaming of Rectal Cancer’

Sean Penn’s Anal Issues: Actor Hopes His Critics ‘Die Screaming of Rectal Cancer’

by John Nolte 3/5/2010

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Last night I was on the Stage Right Show with the great Ben Shapiro and he alerted me to this story about Sean Penn’s latest addition to his growing list of butt-fetish […]