Justice: No need for IRS special prosecutor

Bernie Becker The Hill 7/17/2014

A top Justice Department official on Thursday brushed aside GOP requests for a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS’s treatment of Tea Party groups, saying the evidence didn’t warrant such a appointment.

“It is very, very rare to use a special prosecutor,” Deputy Attorney General James Cole told a House […]

The Pritzker Hearing and the Chicago-DC Ruling Class

Joel B. Pollak Breitbart.com Big Government 24 May 2013

…Pritzker might well pass confirmation 100 to zero. And that is a shame, because it is hard to imagine a worse representative of American business. Pritzker was born into wealth; she ran a bank into the ground through subprime lending; she served on the board of […]

Top IRS official will invoke 5th Amendment

Richard Simon and Joseph Tanfani The Los Angeles Times 5/21/2013

A top IRS official in the division that reviews nonprofit groups will invoke the 5th Amendment and refuse to answer questions before a House committee investigating the agency’s improper screening of conservative nonprofit groups.

Lois Lerner, the head of the exempt organizations division of the […]

Filibustering for your Constitutional rights

6 March 2013



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Have you been watching Sen. Rand Paul‘s heroic effort on the Senate floor? He is filibustering John Brennan’s confirmation as director of the CIA. And he’d be happy to stop—if Pres. […]

A123 Seeks Lobbying Firm to Secure $256 Million Sale

The Washington Free Beacon 1/2/2013

The bankrupt electric car battery manufacturer A123 Systems Inc. is looking to hire a lobbying firm to protect the company’s sale to China’s Wanxiang Group, according to Dow Jones…

…A123 Systems filed for bankruptcy in October after receiving $133 million of a nearly $250 million grant from the federal government. […]

Cliff diving

Washington already drove us off the fiscal cliff while no one was looking.

Gov. Bobby Jindal Politico 12/6/2012

As the nation eagerly awaits Washington’s solution to the so-called fiscal cliff, and as the negotiations continue back and forth in both the media and in reality, here are a few thoughts for consideration.

Today it’s the […]