Eight is not enough; Paul, Rubio, 6 others oppose ‘fiscal cliff’ deal

Neil W. McCabe Human Events 1/1/2013

Five Republicans and three Democrats voted against the “fiscal cliff” compromise crafted by Vice-President Joseph R. Biden Jr., and the Senate’s Republican leadership that passed the chamber Jan. 1 with 89 votes.

The five Republicans were: Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R.-Iowa), Sen. Michael Lee (R.-Utah), Sen. Rand H. Paul […]

MF Global fallout delays U.S. farm seed, land deals

Tom Polansek Reuters 12/6/2011

Chicago–For the first time in 25 years, Minnesota farmer Dean Tofteland has missed his deadline to buy seed for next spring’s corn and soybean crops.

With $200,000 of his money yet to be returned from the accounts of MF Global, his former broker, the 49-year-old farmer has missed a $5,000 discount […]

The George Soros waivers

Obama’s exclusive George Soros waivers

Michelle Malkin 7/29/2011

…This week, for example, Soros announced he was “quitting” the hedge-fund industry. The headlines emphasized his decision to return about $750 million to outside investors (a drop in his $30 billion bucket of personal wealth). He’s reconstituting the business that landed him on Forbes magazine’s “wealthiest people” […]

A raw deal for Republicans on financial regulatory reform

Jon Ward The Daily Caller 4/30/2010

One day after Republicans said they had secured a deal on a financial regulation bill that would allow them to move forward on debating the bill, they denounced the legislation and said it would not accomplish any of their goals for preventing bailouts or making the markets more secure.


Senators Close To Deal On Financial Reform: WSJ

Wallace Witkowski MarketWatch Pulse via FoxBusiness.com 4/28/2010

SAN FRANCISCO — Sens. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., and Richard Shelby, R-Ala., are close to an agreement to give the federal government the power to unwind failed financial firms that threaten to destabilize the economy, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday on its Web site, citing people familiar with […]

The man who promised a new era of bipartisanship just killed the bipartisan bank deal

Rick Moran The American Thinker 4/26/2010

You might recall that it happened with the jobs bill as well. Republicans negotiate in good faith, an agreement is reached, and the president pulls the rug out from under the GOP’s feet:

Robert Kuttner writing at Huffpo:

Although Senate Banking Committee Chair Chris Dodd and his sometime […]