NY Times’ poster child for #OccupyWallStreet not what he seems (Update: Cole responds)

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 10/4/2011

The NY Times Dealbook section takes a very sympathetic look at the Occupy Wall Street protests, On Wall Street, a Protest Matures.

The article leads with a feature on Andrew Cole, who arrived from Madison, Wisconsin (shock!) where he recently lost a job:

“I think a good deal of […]

Soros-Backed Documentary Embraces Terrorists Who Wanted To Kill Republicans

Matthew Vadum The American Spectator 10/21/2010

America’s body politic is suffering from Soroses of the Giver: radical philanthropist George Soros acknowledged he is giving $1 million to the media “watchdog” group, Media Matters for America. Accusing Fox News hosts of using “incendiary rhetoric,” Soros said he wants his donation used “in an effort to more […]

Rasmussen: Feingold now trailing by 7 in Wisconsin

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 9/17/2010

After winning his primary to gain the Republican nomination to challenge Senator Russ Feingold, businessman and newcomer Ron Johnson also got a bump in the polls. The latest Rasmussen survey puts him ahead of the incumbent by seven, 51/44. But as with all surveys conducted in the immediate aftermath of a […]

VP Biden tells one of ‘the little people’: Stop being a ’smartass’

James Richardson Skepticians 6/27/2010

Vice President Joe Biden was caught on camera calling a Glendale, Wisconsin custard shop manager a “smartass” after the man asked the White House lower his taxes.

Biden visited Kopps Frozen Custard, a popular Milwaukee-area restaurant the vice president mistook for an ice cream parlor, to chat with employees and […]

Wisconsin and the Voter Fraud Agenda

Democrats are pushing to weaken ballot security at the state and national level. Have they forgotten the 2000 election?

John Fund The Wall Street Journal 4/24/2010


An attempt to hijack the state’s election laws and open the door for voter fraud failed at the last minute this week in Wisconsin’s legislature. But threats […]

John McCain: George Soros’ Useful Idiot?

via Sentinel Radio October 11, 2009

Many believe George Soros is out to destroy America’s Constitution and sovereignty. From the anti-2nd amendment gun control group, Americans for Gun Safety to the anti-free speech McCain-Feingold Finance Reform Act, John McCain has been carrying out marching orders from Soros, enriching his Reform Institute and his campaign coffers […]