Why were Paul and Cruz the only Republican senators who voted against the budget?

Matt Purple Rare.us 5/6/2015

Seriously, why were they? It’s not like other Republicans weren’t wavering. Senator Bob Corker, widely regarded as one of the more moderate GOP senators, stalled the entire budget last week because it employs a cheap gimmick that allows lawmakers to spend nonexistent savings in the future. But in the end even […]

Obama: I'll Make Case to American People After Iran Deal Is Made

Daniel Halper The Weekly Standard 3/9/2015

President Obama will wait until after a nuclear deal with Iran is made to make the case to the American people that it’s the right thing to do. He made the comment today after being asked about this letter from nearly 50 U.S. senators to Iran, which stated, “The […]

Source: Senate GOP Refuses to Strategize Against Obama

Joel Gehrke The Corner National Review Online 12/2/2014

Senate Republicans had no appetite for discussing how to thwart President Obama’s executive orders on immigration during the conference’s weekly lunch, according to sources familiar with the meeting.

Senator Mike Lee (R., Utah) and Senator David Vitter (R., La.) tried to broach the topic, but they were […]

Quote of the day

via Althouse.com 5/25/2010

“The more he talked, the more he got upset… He needs to take a valium before he comes in and talks to Republicans…”

“… and just calm down, and don’t take anything so seriously. If you disagree with someone, it doesn’t mean you’re attacking their motives — and he takes it that […]

President Obama clashes with McCain in Republican luncheon

Manu Raju Politico.com 5/25/2010

President Barack Obama made a rare visit to a Senate Republican lunch Tuesday – and Republicans, including John McCain, took direct aim at the White House on everything from health care to border security.

Senators and other sources inside the meeting described the gathering as “testy” and “direct” as Obama asked […]