When Obama Starts His ‘The People vs. The Powerful’ Schtick Again, Remember This

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 3/10/2014

NASA Admits To Selling Discount Fuel For Google Execs’ Private Jets. “NASA sold to H2-11 discounted jet fuel that was then used to fly a private 757, a 767 and 5 other luxury aircraft all over the world. H2-11’s principle owners are the same as Google’s: Sergey Brin, Larry Page and […]

Obama & Google (a love story)

By Jia Lynn Yang and Nina Easton Money.CNN.com October 22, 2009

(Fortune Magazine) — No one can accuse President Barack Obama of cozying up to corporate America.

From his denunciations of Wall Street greed to his critiques of the auto manufacturers, Obama and his team have done little to disguise their mistrust of big business […]