Camille Paglia: The Modern Campus Cannot Comprehend Evil

Camille Paglia 9/29/2014

Young women today do not understand the fragility of civilization and the constant nearness of savage nature…

…Wildly overblown claims about an epidemic of sexual assaults on American campuses are obscuring the true danger to young women, too often distracted by cellphones or iPods in public places: the ancient sex crime […]

Schieffer: Weiner has no business in NYC mayor’s race

Bob Schieffer Face the Nation CBS News 7/28/2013

What can be said about the Anthony Weiner story that hasn’t been said before?

Actually, several things. One: It is not funny, it is sickening. Two: It is important.

The mayor of New York is not only the most powerful municipal post in America, but because New […]

We don’t need no stinkin’ jobs!

giliar Hump Day Report 11/4/2011

This is priceless – Accuracy in Media went down to the OWS utopia in D.C. as “headhunters,” telling people that they were hiring. You MUST listen to the excuses for not wanting jobs. And be sure to watch to the very end to find out the result of their employee […]