11 February 1979

11 February 2011

Protesters in Tehran, 1979

On this day in 1979, the Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Tehran to a greeting by several million Iranians after the Shah of Iran left for exile in mid-January 1979.

Via Wikipedia:

The revolution was populist, nationalist and later Shi’a Islamic. It was in part a conservative […]

AP News: Opposition says Iran rulers more brutal than Shah

ALI AKBAR DAREINI and JASON KEYSER Associated Press November 14, 2009

EHRAN, Iran (AP) – The showdown between Iran’s clerical leaders and a resilient protest movement sharpened Saturday, as opposition leaders accused the government of becoming more brutal than the shah’s regime and authorities announced a new Internet crackdown.

Two of Iran’s top pro-reform figures […]