Obama’s Plan African Family Trip… $60-$100 Million To Be Picked Up By You And I

Marooned in Marin 6/13/2013

While many Americans won’t have much of a vacation again this summer (seen those fuel costs? airplane fares?), the Obamas are planning another exquisite adventure for which we’re picking up the tab…

…President Obama and his family will be going to Africa later this month. But the trip won’t be cheap; […]

First Daughters’ Spring Break Part II: Sun Valley

Jeannie DeAngelis American Thinker 3/30/2013

Outrageous as it may seem to some, rather than respond appropriately to the criticism and back off from the extravagant vacations, Michelle and Barry chose instead to thumb their noses at America by flying Sasha and Malia from the Atlantis in the Bahamas to Sun Valley, Idaho to top off […]

Fresh from CO ski trip Obama daughters take ‘spring break’ in Bahamas’ resort

Exclusive: Sasha, Malia Obama Vacation at Bahamas’ ‘Atlantis’ Resort

Matthew Boyle Breitbart.com Big Government 25 Mar 2013

Sasha and Malia Obama are quietly vacationing at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Breitbart News has learned.

A source tipped Breitbart News off to the First Daughters’ spring vacation, which was not publicly announced […]

Living Large in the Obama White House

Here in America, it’s supposed to be small government, Big People. This is the New World, not the Old.


The hoi polloi aren’t welcome, but Marie Antoinette would be at home.

Charles C. W. Cooke National Review Online 3/8/2013

We are now firmly ensconced in the brutal Age of the Sequester, and […]

Why President Obama keeps the press away

Playing golf with Tiger Woods doesn’t look good with 12 million Americans out of work and a $16 trillion debt

Nile Gardiner The Telegraph [UK] 18 Feb 2013

…It is not hard to see why Barack Obama is rather camera shy over his latest golfing outing, this time with sports superstar Tiger Woods. The optics […]

May 2008: I Expect Americans to Share in the Sacrifice by Accepting Higher Energy Prices, Caused By My ‘Investments,’ ‘Until Technology Catches Up’

Ace Ace of Spades HQ 3/15/2012

That would be the various boondoggle-tech he’s “invested” your tax-dollars in. When those garbage pits of malfeasance start paying off, we’ll be able to pay a little less. He claims…

…Well, he did warn us, didn’t he?…

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Update: Obama […]