Sharif El-Gamal, the man behind the Islamic supremacist Ground Zero Mosque, has an extensive criminal past

Robert Spencer Jihad Watch 9/26/2011

The other night I watched a British documentary about the Ground Zero mosque controversy (for which I was interviewed, and in which I appear) that portrayed Sharif El-Gamal as a good-hearted schlub who was trying to do a good deed and ended up getting beset by cynical sharpies like Pamela […]

Mosque investor was terror contributor

Charles Leaf 2 September 2010

MYFOXNY.COM – Fox 5 News reported Thursday that one of the financial backers of the Islamic mosque and cultural center project in Lower Manhattan once contributed to a terror group, although the investor says the contribution was made because he thought he was giving money to a harmless charity.


Speaker Pelosi: Investigate this!

Ground Zero Mosque Developers won’t rule out taking funds from Saudi Arabia, Iran

John Schulenburg GatewayPundit 8/18/2010

Not any shocking news here, considering the Imam behind the project is about as sheepish looking a wolf can come here in America. His radical views are well documented. See my previous post on him if you missed […]

911 Mega Mosque: ‘We will make this project happen!’

Despite little funding, shadow accounting, bookkeeping chaos Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs 5/16/2010

…Protest the mosque at Ground Zero June 6th. Be there.

Short on Allah dollars NY Post

Ground Zero mosque team lacking funds amid bookkeeping chaos

The American Society for Muslim Advancement, which proposed the center, has assets of less […]