NY Times perpetuates myth of Andrew Breitbart’s misleading Shirley Sherrod video

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 2/17/2014

We have examined several times the false claim that the original edited videotape released by Andrew Breitbart of Shirley Sherrod’s speech to a local NAACP group was misleading in that it allegedly failed to reveal that Sherrod overcame her negative feelings towards a white farmer when she was a […]

Pigford Beneficiary, Obama Crony Sherrod's Ugly Suit Against Breitbart's Widow

Editorial Investors.com 10/11/2013

Law: An Obama official at the heart of the Pigford reparations scheme sues the widow of the crusading conservative who exposed her and a multibillion-dollar redistribution scam to African-American farmers.

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Hell hath no fury like an Obama administration official exposed for corruption or racism. On Wednesday, news broke that […]

Andrew Breitbart Documentary Poised to Set Record Thanks to Liberal Critics

Matthew Sheffield NewsBusters 6/11/2013

Hating Breitbart, a documentary filmed during the last several years of the late Andrew Breitbart’s life, is about one man’s struggle against the left-dominated media.

How perfect that the film about the man is about to set a record in and of itself thanks to liberal media bias? According to the […]

Dissecting Shirley Sherrod’s Complaint Against Andrew Breitbart

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 2/15/2011

I’m not going to repeat all the background; read my prior posts:

The Original Sherrod Clip Was Not “False” Shirley Sherrod May Prefer The Life Left Unexamined Shirley Sherrod Catches Andrew Breitbart’s Car

Where we are today is that last Friday Sherrod filed and this weekend served a Complaint […]

Our favorite pin-up…

14 February 2011

For you, on St. Valentine’s Day:

Andrew Breitbart ‘sits’ for an interview at CPAC 2011. [click on the image to view at full size]

From Da Techguy, My Andrew Breitbart Interview and ‘the Ladders’ photo. At the link is a good article, some video of Breitbart at CPAC and The Ladders […]

Black Caucus’s Clyburn Knocks Pigford II Fraud Safeguards on House Floor

Gary Hewson Big Government 1/21/2011

As the Pigford investigation continues, it is important to note that we have demonstrated in our Pigford Report that there is massive fraud in the Pigford I settlement, but you have yet to hear a pro-Pigford politician admit to that fact. To this day, President Obama’s Secretary of Agriculture Tom […]