Waxman: Senate bill will not be ‘deemed’

Texas Congressman Pete Sessions is live-tweeting today’s House Rules committee hearing. Here is some of what he is sending via Twitter as of 11:56 EDT (3/20/10):

1. Waxman just claimed that the Senate bill would not be deemed. That’s news to Chairwoman Louise Slaughter and her Slaughter Solution. 5 minutes ago via web


Hot Air: Slaughter strategy ripped by … Chris Matthews

Allahpundit HotAir.com 3/17/2010

Yeah, Tingles himself. Unlike certain gods-made-men we needn’t name, he does spend a little time worrying about what the rules are. To be sure, he’s coming at this from the perspective of a partisan Democrat — i.e. “don’t do it, Pelosi, or the GOP will use it against us” — but given […]

The means to passing healthcare don’t matter to Obama

Jake Tapper ABC News 3/17/2010

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller and Karen Travers report:

President Obama said today that he is not too worried about the controversial “deem and pass” strategy being considered on Capitol Hill, and that members should not “pretend” that a vote, in whatever form it ends up taking, is anything other than […]

Mark Levin / Landmark Legal To Sue If ‘Slaughter Rule’ Employed

Dan Riehl RiehlWorldView 3/16/2010

Via Mark’s Facebook page. First Palin, now Mark? How long before the Left boycotts Facebook?

Mark Levin If the House uses the Slaughter Rule to advance the Senate bill, Landmark Legal Foundation and I will, in fact, bring a federal lawsuit in the District of Columbia challenging its constitutionality.


Pelosi, Slaughter went to court against GOP’s self-executing rule in 2005

Mark Tapscott Washington Examiner 3/16/2010

You’ve been hearing a lot this week about the Slaughter Solution, the rule devised by House Rules Committee Chairman Louise Slaughter of New York whereby the House would pass an Obamacare reconcilliation bill via a rule that “deems” the chamber to have voted for the Senate version of Obamacare even […]

Good Grief: Chaos Reigns Among Dem Leaders as House Hurtles Towards Health Care Vote

Dem Leaders, Taking A Pummeling Over Controversial “Slaughter Solution,” Can’t Get Together On Votes, Vote Timeline, Bill Text & CBO Score

Leader Alert Rep. John Boehner 3/16/2010

Not exactly a banner day for Democratic leaders’ final push to force a job-killing government takeover of health care through Congress. Democrats have come under heavy criticism for […]