Victory for Ukrainian Revolution



Red Square The People’s Cube 2/22/2014

Ukrainian revolution has won today and it’s very emotional for me, since that is where I was born and raised. 82 protesters are dead, the president is running, government thieves are being hunted down and brought to justice, communist party headquarters ransacked, and all remaining statues […]


20 February 2014


Kiev: ON FIRE Venezuela: ON FIRE Obama: watching a movie.

— Razor (@hale_razor) February 18, 2014


STUNNING PIC: #Priest prays between police & protesters in #Ukraine. Nearly 70 people have died today in the violence

— ShepNewsTeam (@ShepNewsTeam) February 20, 2014


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American Snowboarder Wins First Gold of Games

via The Daily Mail, UK


John Branch The New York Times 2/8/2014

…the gold-winning stunt came at the end, on the last of three large jumps. Kotsenburg performed a 1620 Japan, four and a half revolutions while grabbing the board in front of his front foot and arching his back like someone […]

The undead: Communism and Socialism

Why do socialism and communism continue to appeal to so many people even after they’ve been proven so wrong?



neo-neocon Legal Insurrection 2/6/2014

Communism/Socialism is an idea whose time has always come, ever-fresh and ever-new. It keeps rearing its ugly head wearing a new mask, like some vampire returning in a different […]