‘Atlantis’ Touchdown Brings Shuttle Era to a Close

Russia Poised to Take Leadership in Manned Space Travel as Final Mission of NASA’s 30-Year Program Is Completed

Arian Campo-Flores and Robert Lee Hotz The Wall Street Journal 7/21/2011

MIAMI—The space shuttle Atlantis touched down gently at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Thursday morning, bringing the storied 30-year National Aeronautics and Space Administration […]

Atlantis completes final flight

The London Evening Standard [UK] 27.05.10

Space shuttle Atlantis has returned home from its 32nd and final voyage.

It is the first of three shuttles that are ending their flying careers and eventually heading to museums.

“The legacy of Atlantis, now in the history books,” Mission Control announced at touchdown.

About 1,200 guests lined the […]

Final Launch for Shuttle ‘Atlantis’

Irene Klotz ABCNews.com 5/14/2010

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) – The space shuttle Atlantis and six veteran astronauts blasted off on Friday from the Kennedy Space Center to deliver a Russian module and spare parts to the International Space Station.

The launch was the last scheduled for Atlantis, and the third-to-last for the shuttle program. NASA […]