The Rules Are Different For Obama

Jonathan S. Tobin Commentary Magazine 2/21/2013

Republicans are experiencing a serious problem as they attempt to stand up to President Obama’s pressure to give in and raise taxes again in order to avert the sequester budget cuts. In spite of the fact that the idea for the scheme originated in the White House and that […]

Ron Johnson: If Boehner agrees to tax hikes as part of a sequester deal, he’s finished

Allahpundit Hot Air 2/26/2013

…Not sure why Johnson’s trying to turn the spotlight on Boehner when the new Republican strategy is to keep it on Reid. Evidently Boehner’s not sure either:

Senate Democrats have unveiled a package that would replace the sequester with a mix of spending cuts and tax increases. The Senate could act […]

Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s sequester idea backfires

Charles Krauthammer The Orange County Register 2/7/2013

For the first time since Election Day, President Barack Obama is on the defensive. That’s because March 1, automatic spending cuts (“sequestration”) go into effect – $1.2 trillion over 10 years, half from domestic (discretionary) programs, half from defense.

The idea had been proposed and promoted by the […]

GOP Senator Johnson: Obama’s Debt Ceiling Plans ‘Jaw Dropping’

Christiana Lilly Newsmax 08 Jan 2013

In an interview on CNBC, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson declared that the president’s plans to raise the debt ceiling should be a topic of discussion and that “people really don’t understand the depth of the problem.”

“Any time the president comes to Congress and wants authorization to increase the […]

YouCut: a project of the economic recovery working group

YouCut A Project to Change the Spending Culture in Washington

Rep. Paul Ryan 5/12/2010

YouCut – a first-of-its-kind project – is designed to defeat the permissive culture of runaway spending in Congress. It allows you to vote, both online and on your cell phone, on spending cuts that you want to see the […]

The coming catastrophe

Solving the debt crisis requires both cuts and taxes — do we have the stomach for it?

Scot Lehigh The Boston Globe 4/30/2010

THE ADVICE was meant for the folks tackling the toughest job in Washington, but the American public needs to hear it as well.

This week, Rudolph Penner and Robert Reischauer, both former […]