What Did Obama Tell Geithner about S&P?

The former Treasury secretary’s famous call came five minutes after a meeting in the Oval Office.

James Freeman The Wall Street Journal 2/25/2014

Last month we wrote about the threatening phone call from then-Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner to the head of the parent company of Standard & Poor’s after S&P downgraded the U.S. […]

Did Geithner Handle S&P the 'Chicago Way'?

Carol Platt Liebau Townhall 1/22/2014

In August 2011, three days after ratings agency Standard & Poor’s downgraded the triple-A credit rating of the United States, Harold McGraw — chairman of McGraw-Hill Financial — says something pretty unpleasant happened to him. From Bloomberg:

In his court statement, McGraw, 65, said Geithner called him on Aug. 8, […]

Justice Department and States to Sue Standard & Poor’s Ratings Service For Fraudulently Rating Mortgage Bonds

Orin Kerr The Volokh Conspiracy 2/4/2013

The New York Times Dealbook blog has news of an important new case likely to be filed soon:

The Justice Department, along with state prosecutors, plans to file civil charges against Standard & Poor’s Ratings Service, accusing the firm of fraudulently rating mortgage bonds that led to the financial […]

France loses AAA rating as euro governments downgraded

Hugh Schofield BBC News 13 January 2012

France has lost its top AAA credit rating from Standard & Poor’s and eight other eurozone governments have also been downgraded by the ratings agency.

Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Portugal were cut two notches, with the latter two given “junk” ratings. Germany kept its AAA rating, and with […]

Source: Corzine Expected to Testify at House Hearing

MoneyNews.com 25 Nov 2011

Former MF Global Chief Executive Jon Corzine is expected to testify at a congressional hearing next month, a committee aide said Friday, tamping down speculation that the former head of the bankrupt brokerage would decline to take part.

The House Financial Services Committee announced earlier this week that Corzine, a former […]

Sen. Grassley Investigation: SEC Has Destroyed Evidence to Prevent Probe

Uncoverage 8/17/2011

We reported the story yesterday that shameless SEC Chief Mary Schapiro is allowing her agency to be the “useful tool” of retribution of the Chicago-Mafioso-in-Chief, as he seeks to punish S&P for the credit downgrade by alleging “insider trading.”

That predatory witch hunt is a “deflection” of what is REALLY going on: If […]