Florida’s Property Rights Abuse Lands at the Supreme Court

The justices prepare to hear a major 5th Amendment case.

Damon W. Root Reason Magazine 12/16/2012

…Since 1994, [the St. Johns River Water Management District of Florida] has refused to permit the commercial development of a small piece of property located in Orange County, Florida, unless the owner first agrees to transfer the title to […]

School Uses Planned Parenthood Curriculum to Teach Kids Oral Sex

“I was just shocked because I trusted my little country school. I trusted my school—that’s the bottom line, and they crossed the line.”

Rita Diller LifeNews.com 6/20/2012

Parents could tell something was wrong with the children when they came home from school. They were quiet and withdrawn, embarrassed, and didn’t want to talk […]

Michael Bloomberg, Soda Jerk

Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban is about himself, not about public health.

Shikha Dalmia Reason Magazine 6/12/2012

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on big sodas in the Big Apple is generating accusations that he is a Nanny Statist. But that’s not quite accurate. A nanny forces others to do things for their […]

So You Think You Can be a Hair Braider?

Jacob Goldstein The New York Times 6/12/2012

…There are more than 1,000 licensed professions in the United States, partly a result of more than a century of legal work. As the country industrialized, state governments wanted to protect their citizens and create standards not just for lawyers and doctors but also for basic services. It […]