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‘A brawler for truth’: Andrew Breitbart remembered on birthday

Twitchy 2/1/2014



It’s Breitbart’s birthday. Don’t let the pandering party hacks undo all he worked for. #KruiserFeelings

— SFK (@stephenkruiser) February 1, 2014



Andrew Breitbart is being remembered today on what would be his 45th birthday.

At the website that bears his […]

Dede vs. Doug: nobody but us ‘got it’

by Stephen Kruiser StephenKruiser.com Saturday, October 31, 2009

…Let’s be clear, I’m not one of those conservatives who is always prattling on about RINOs. In fact, this, I believe, is the first time the term has ever appeared in a blog post of mine. I have no problem with moderates in the GOP. What I […]