Housing nominee Mel Watt helped create the subprime crisis

Charles C. Johnson The Daily Caller 5/5/2013

Mel Watt, President Obama’s nominee for director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, pushed government programs to help welfare recipients buy homes during the creation of the subprime mortgage bubble.

Watt, a 20-year Member of Congress from North Carolina’s 12th district, also had a hand in programs allowing […]

Justice Department and States to Sue Standard & Poor’s Ratings Service For Fraudulently Rating Mortgage Bonds

Orin Kerr The Volokh Conspiracy 2/4/2013

The New York Times Dealbook blog has news of an important new case likely to be filed soon:

The Justice Department, along with state prosecutors, plans to file civil charges against Standard & Poor’s Ratings Service, accusing the firm of fraudulently rating mortgage bonds that led to the financial […]

Obama campaign co-chair tied to subprime mortgage crisis

“I’m proud of that work.’ ~ Gov. Deval Patrick

Will Rahn The Daily Caller 2/24/2012

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, the Democrat who was named a national co-chair of President Obama’s re-election campaign on Wednesday, served on the board of a company that is widely blamed for helping start the subprime mortgage crisis in […]

Best of 2009: Daniel Hannan’s viral European parliament speech

by Michelle Malkin December 31, 2009

A fiscal conservative shot heard ’round the world on March 25, 2009:

Would that we had more like him on our side of the pond.