Shocking Time Magazine Cover: After 40 Years, Abortion Activists Losing

Steven Ertelt LifeNews 1/3/2013

The mainstream media will get around to covering abortion this month as the nation marks 40 years of legalized abortion for any reason throughout pregnancy via Roe v Wade. Time magazine has released its issue, which comes to a shocking conclusion.

The cover article makes the case that the pro-abortion […]

WV Rep. Mollohan: That’s one incumbent ‘pro-life Democrat’ down, more to come

Dannenfelser on Mollohan: That’s one incumbent ‘pro-life Democrat’ down, more to come UPDATE: TV spot that did it

Mark Tapscott Washington Examiner 05/12/10

Why did veteran, earmark-happy Rep. Alan Mollohan lose yesterday’s Democratic congressional primary in West Virginia? Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser says he’s just the first of the faux “pro-life […]

Pro-Life Dems Targeted on Health Care

Christina Bellantoni Talking Points Memo January 11, 2010

As House Democrats return to Washington and prepare to huddle with leadership on health care, an anti-abortion group is going after 13 pro-life Democrats by staging rallies in their district offices and urging them to oppose the final plan.

A House Democratic leadership aide told TPMDC today […]