Progressives resort to a new level of sleaze

Progressive PST Reaches a New Level of Sleaze

John Verum Serum 10/7/2010

This is almost unbelievable. Just when you thought Democratic dirty tricks had reached rock bottom, it turns out they’ve built a whole new level of dishonest sleaze beneath the basement:

Here’s the company website with this guy’s photo. Here are the clients […]

George Soros declares open war on Tea Party; Americans need to declare open war on George Soros

HillBuzz 9/6/2010

Most Americans have no idea who George Soros is. That’s one of the reasons Soros has been allowed to manipulate America the way he does: he’s a James Bond villain without the corresponding movies that allow the American people to see what he’s up to.

Soros has now announced that he’s declaring open […]