Republicans Flicker On Light Bulb Ban Repeal

Geoffrey P. Hunt American Thinker 6/20/2011

The Republican House is flinching on passing the simplest and most symbolic piece of legislation this term: repeal of the incandescent light bulb phase out. Amidst great fanfare and promises to restore limited government, the new majority is proving it isn’t much different than the old majority.

The incandescent […]

South Carolina Taking Light Bulb Ban into Its Own Hands

The Foundary 5/9/2011

Fed up with the federal government’s ban of the traditional incandescent light bulb, state representatives in South Carolina are pushing for the state to produce and use incandescents solely for its state.

The Incandescent Light Bulb Freedom Act, which unanimously passed South Carolina’s Senate panel, would allow South Carolina manufacturers to […]