Mark Levin explains to Glenn Beck why we now live in ‘post-Constitutional’ society

Glenn Beck 9/19/2013

On radio this morning, Glenn spoke to fellow conservative author and radio personality Mark Levin about his latest book, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Public. Much like Glenn, Mark has been making the case that the principles and values that founded this nation have unraveled. In his new book, Mark provides […]

Mark Levin: Glenn Beck has invited me on his radio show…

The Right Scoop 9/10/2013

Mark Levin announced tonight on his radio show that Glenn Beck has invited him to come on his radio show next week to discuss his new book The Liberty Amendments. Levin says that Beck wants to save the republic, as does he, and they’ve come to the conclusion that as many […]

Mark Levin at the Reagan Library discussing The Liberty Amendments

The Right Scoop YouTube 9/7/2013

Mark Levin spoke at the Reagan Library tonight in a discussion about his new book The Liberty Amendments. Watch the full discussion including Q&A below:

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Mark Levin’s ‘The Liberty Amendments’ Hits #1 on Amazon Big Government 13 Aug 2013

On the first day of its release, Mark Levin’s The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic reached the #1 spot in sales on–not just for political books, but all books.

Levin appeared on Hannity on the Fox News Channel on Monday evening to discuss the book, and his […]

Glenn Reynolds interviews Mark Levin about his Liberty Project

Jeff G. Protein Wisdom 8/22/2013

…the ideas behind Levin’s prescriptions, when divorced from the identity or political label placed upon its author, should have cross Party appeal: former Reagan Democrats, blue collar Democrats affected by bureaucratic bullying and government molestation in their industries, “liberals” who, for their occasional emotional support for certain statist polices, still […]

Mark Levin brings the Constitution to life

Author explains why he wrote ‘The Liberty Amendments’

Hannity Fox News Channel 8/16/2013

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Update: David Limbaugh: Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments Deserves a National Discussion


Update 2: Is Obama changing the Constitution by executive order? And, I don’t think that word means what you […]