Petraeus retains super Washington lawyer Barnett amid potential probes 11/18/2012

Former CIA Director David Petraeus, who resigned after admitting to an extramarital affair, has retained powerful lawyer Robert Barnett of the Washington-based Williams & Connolly law firm.

Barnett specializes in crisis management and has represented some of the most powerful political figures in the country, including President Obama; former Presidents Bill Clinton and […]

The Democratic Party and a Second Holocaust

Roger L. Simon PJ Media 9/12/2012

…[Barack Obama] has refused Netanyahu’s request for a nuclear “red line” beyond which Iran cannot cross, even though, without such a line, sanctions are meaningless. (Iran clearly treats them that way.) And, at least according the Jerusalem Post, Obama has continued this refusal in his latest conversation with Netanyahu, […]

Obama’s Arab Spring becomes the Arab Winter

Lee Cary American Thinker 9/12/2012

The murder of Ambassador Stevens prompts a new question to Obama supporters: “How’s that Arab Spring thing workin’ out for ya?”

The horrific photo of Chris Stevens, who died in service to his country, is the new icon for Obama’s naïve Arab Spring mantra.

Back on May 19, 2011, in […]

Quotes that make you say, ‘hmmm’

9 June 2012

The oddest two things we’ve read lately, though one actually offers a glimmer of hope.

Wall Photos Michelle Obama Facebook May 25, 2012

“Twenty years later, she still gives pretty great hugs.”

click on the image to enlarge

Our Word Boss found that photo on Facebook. He wrote, “I wonder […]