Blurred Line Between Espionage and Truth

David Carr The New York Times 2/26/2012

Ms. Colvin, who covered many of the Arab uprisings, died after a round of attacks in Syria. Ivor Prickett/The Sunday Times, via European Pressphoto Agency. Click on the image to enlarge.

Last Wednesday in the White House briefing room, the administration’s press secretary, Jay Carney, opened […]

A short note on the Obama administration’s aggressive prosecution of leakers

TigerHawk 6/12/2010

Every now and then a strange paragraph slips by the editors of the New York Times. Today, the dead-tree paper features a story on its front page about the Obama administration’s surprisingly aggressive prosecution of people who leak government secrets. Right there, only six paragraphs down:

In 17 months in office, President […]

Color me shocked: Feds to prosecute NSA staffer

‘Phineas Fahrquar’ Public Secrets 4/15/2010

I’ll be honest, the government always says it’s going to hunt down people who leak classified material, but for them to actually follow through is almost unheard of. And for the Justice Department under Eric Holder to do this? Satan’s donning a parka even now:

A senior executive with […]