How Long Can You Shelter Your Children from LGBT?

One school teacher in Maine taught five-year-olds about transgenderism.

Walter Hudson PJ Lifestyle PJ Media 4/24/2015

In the above clip, Fox News’ Todd Starnes laments an incident in Maine where a primary school teacher taught five-year-olds about transgenderism. The kids were read a book called I Am Jazz about a boy who believes himself to […]

‘Michelle Obama looks forward to’ what?

Jim Geraghty wonders if he heard CNN correctly

Twitchy 1/15/2014



Did I just hear the CNN reporter say that Michelle Obama looks forward to post-White House life so she can travel & see the Hoover Dam?

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) January 15, 2014



…And she says by 70, she’d like to […]

Joblessness? Deficits? Wars? Let’s Party!

Ron Fournier National Journal 4/26/2013

Washington never looks more out of touch than it will this weekend, when movie stars, music moguls, media mavens and their advertisers join President Obama at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

It is called the “nerd prom.”

Established decades ago to encourage comity between reporters and The Reported, […]